Winnipeg Smartschool Academy

Welcomes You

Grade 1 – 7


Our vision at Smartschool Academy is for parents to invest in their children’s future to empower the future leaders of our world. Life skills and life experience taught at Smartschool Academy will teach learners to participate and contribute to a worldwide system. The values we build on at Smartschool Academy is cooperation, ambition, respect, empathy, and integrity.


Is to invest in the lives of children through:

  • in-depth and cohesive learning programs aligned to year level content and achievement standards informed by the prescribed curriculum.
  • highly effective teachers, focused on improving student outcomes, through their commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching, evidence-based practices, coaching and mentoring and collaboration.
  • a quality inclusive learning environment that is responsive to learner voice.
  • enriching, engaging resources.
  • opportunities for community and parents to participate in learning and decision-making partnerships.

Services available:


Afternoon studyMonday – Friday 14:00-18:00

We offer afternoon study from 14:00 – 17:00, Mondays to Fridays. The children are assisted by a tutor who gives one-on-one attention to each child. If your child has any questions about the work that must be done, the teacher will be there to help them. She will also ensure firstly, that the homework will be done in the right way and secondly, she will make sure that the habit of wrong learning methods will be eliminated.

Holiday Program: Monday – Friday

Smartschool will be hosting a Holiday Program packed with fun activities and educational tours. Activities include cultural experiences, spending time in nature, having jumping parties, and create fun art projects at school as well as many more activities.


Contact: Julie van Zyl 206 806 6750






Grade 1 – Grade 7

Afternoon Study

Afternoon study classes are held from 2pm – 6pm Monday to Friday.


Smartschool offers in person homework with your child in a safe, self-motivating, educational environment. Extra focus on areas of need, with an adjusted pace of learning to suite each child’s individual needs. Facilitating your child to obtain essential societal skills through the homework process. The learners work through the up-to-date curriculum, and additional exercises are provided.

Smartschool offers in person homework with your child in a safe, self-motivating, educational environment. Successfully helping children with math, reading, and oral presentation skills. Attention is given to study methods, examination papers, revision before test. Students are assisted in an environment that enables them to ask questions and concentrate.



Afternoon study homework assistance in the following subjects.

  • Mathematics

  • Social Studies

  • Language Arts

  • All homework


Call Julie @ 204 806 6750