Smartschool presents Additional classes on a daily basis. During the class homework problem areas are identified, the curriculum work are taught, additional problem solving exercises are provided, tests and examination papers are worked through and prepared for, study methods and question paper preparations are done.

Afternoon study classes are also available at Smartschool where the students are assisted by a teacher. Students are helped with any problem areas they have. Primary school learners are tested in their spelling words, tables, and reading pieces. Afternoon studie classes are held at 2pm – 5pm Monday to Friday, of the term.


What you will need to enroll at one of our learning center

  1. Certified copy of learner’s birth certificate/identity document.
  2. Certified copy of my/our identity document/s
  3. Proof of residence
  4. 1-month payslip
  5. Last school report of learner

For any enquiries contact:

Smartschool Academy Bloemfontein

Smartschool Academy East Rand 

Smartschool Academy George

Smartschool Academy Kimberley

Smartschool Academy Winnipeg