Smartschool also provide afternoon study classes, during which school projects and homework are addressed.

The atmosphere in the classes are relaxed, self motivating and educational.  The learners work through the relevant current curriculum relating to a specific subject.  Problem areas are identified, additional exercises are provided and further subject knowledge are taught to the learners.

Attention is given to study methods, draft examination papers, revision before tests and examinations, as well as the development of the reading and learning abilities of learners.  The self confidence and emotional intelligence of the learners are improved, enabling learners to answer questions in class with confidence and to actively participate in class activities.

What we offer during study classes?

  • Homework is done first and foremost

  • Summaries of learning subjects

  • Extra exercises on identified problem areas

  • Projects (excluding building material)

  • Orals – speeches

  • Study methods

  • Test preparations

  • Exam preparations