Smartschool’s Staff travel to the 80s!!

“Don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeling!”

Smartschool’s staff had a dress-up party on Sunday at the botanical gardens.

Throwing out blankets and setting up camping chairs, we had a terrific day under the shade of the trees at the Bloemfontein Botanical gardens. Each staff member brought their own meat to braai and together as a team some garlic bread and beetroot were served as side dishes.

Getting to know each other not only on a peer-level at work but also in social relationships and environments is an essential part of teamwork in the workplace. If we can work and relax together, we will form a very competent team able to provide the best working material for each learner enrolled at Smartschool Academy.

I had the opportunity to also attend the staff social, and without a doubt, I was able to see communication between different age groups and different departments in the company. Social gatherings have been a dangerous activity for the last few months. We avoid it because it is how we support our country during these uncertain times.

People are social, therefore it has been very tiring and dare I say depressing to not be able to spend time with others. The Staff social was a great kick-off for 2021.

Hopefully, this year will be so significant in overcoming COVID that by December 2021 we can all catch a summer tan or swim with the dolphins in the ocean.

Be safe, Stay safe and Drink your Vitamins.

Smartschool wants to invest in your future! We need COVID free learners & parents.

Lots of love.

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