Practice your writing

How do we encourage our children to pick up a pen instead of a screen?

Children today tend to know all about social media applications, computer games, and the internet. Parents we need to encourage our children to rather pick up a pen and create something. Speaking about creation, tell your child that if they teach you how to book a flight from Bloemfontein to New York online you will teach them to write. 

C – for cat, car, crafts, carry

We need to encourage our children to keep writing as it forms a vital part of their brain development. Research show children who still write with pen and paper are 45% more likely to succeed in life. Let this be the motivation for you to limit the screentime and enhance the time spent on creating.

T – for the, thank, thinking, treehouse

Happy weekend all.

Lots of love

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E for Ellie elephant

L for longhorn Lassie

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