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Donating clothing and items that you do not use, should be on your bucket list this year!

We are currently experiencing a very uncertain time as the COVID-19 virus spreads through the world. So many people are left vulnerable during the National Lock-down all over the world and most of all, close to home, here within South Africa. Listening to the radio on a day-to-day basis to stay informed about the world pandemic, also keeps us up to date with the circumstances people live in. So many people are not privileged enough to have a comfortable home to spend the lock-down in.

Most of our fellow South African brothers and sisters have to spend this time in shelters or other areas set-up by the government. Most of these people were moved to a specific area, with just the clothes on their backs, and are now obliged to stay there until further notice. Fellow South Africans, this is the exact reason you should start cleaning out your closet and donate old, new, improper fit clothing to our fellow South Africans in need. 

The Smartschool Academy family started a 40 day donation challenge at the end of February 2020, not knowing that we could make such a big contribution to the world crisis within our own country. The initial challenge was for all Smartschool employees interested to donate one item of clothing for 40 days. With the National Lock-down our project was interrupted a bit, but we still managed to collect enough donations to support underprivileged people and children in need of casual clothing.

The idea behind the challenge was to declutter, getting rid of old clothes that are too big or too small, making space for something new, and in the process helping people in need along the way. You might not see the value of your old clothes any more, but someone else in need is guaranteed to see the value.

Smartschool Academy has been collecting all types of different clothing for the last couple of months and we are ready to donate and give support where we can. I understand that with the current lock-down you might feel that your hands are tied, but now is a great time to reach out, contact a shelter in your city and ask where and how you can assist. Helping the people who are most vulnerable during this time in South Africa is possible from the comfort of your sofa at home, it is safe and can save someone in need.

Smartschool was able to restart classes at the start of July. Soon after this we collected all our donations and packed them into bags. In correspondence with the Bloemfontein Baptiste Church who works with the VVN, we were able to donate the items collected, on Friday the 3rd of July. The Smartschool family is very excited to share the experience with our clients. It truly is a pleasure to give back to the community and its people in need.

You can be part of our next project. So keep an eye out for what we will be doing next in order to give back to the community. 

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