Smartschool offers the following subjects:

Mathematics, Mathematics Lit, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Geography, Business Studies, Economics, EGD, Afrikaans and English.


What happens during classes?

During the afternoons extra classes are presented from 2pm to 8pm.  Learners are limited to only 5 per class.  The atmosphere in  the classes are relaxed, self motivating and educational.  The learners work through the relevant current curriculum relating to a specific subject.  Problem areas are identified, additional exercises are provided and further subject knowledge are taught to the learners

Attention is given to study methods, draft examination papers, revision before tests and examinations, as well as the development of the reading and learning abilities of learners.  The self-confidence and emotional intelligence of the learners are improved, enabling learners to answer questions in class with confidence and to actively participate in class activities.

The learners work through the relevant curriculum, problem areas are identified, additional exercises are provided, and further subject knowledge are taught to the learners.

During the term our teachers at Smartschool make sure the learners stay on top of current work being done in class as well as keeping the learners revised on previous work done. This way work missed before attending Smartschool classes can also be improved on. During exam time the learners are being assisted with examination and test preparation.

What language are the classes taught in?

Smartschool presents classes in English or Afrikaans for each subject respectively and to avoid confusion in classes, no mixed languages are used in tutorials.  Study material is also available in both Afrikaans and English.

What does our Kids’ comment on our classes?

Some things a lot of people couldn’t help me with my Smartschool teachers helped me with – Gr 10

Smartschool build my confidence in maths – Gr 7

Dit het my baie gehelp, anders sou ek weer 30% gekry het vir wisk – Gr 8

Dit het my gehelp om meer te konsentreer op my werk. Dit het ook my punte verbeter – Gr 6

Ek verstaan nou beter, wisk maak nou sin – Gr 11

Smartschool had a positive influence on my mathematics – Gr 12

Smartschool help baie, dit help my meer in die klas, omdat ek nou kan bydra tot die klas – Gr 9

Smartschool help baie. Ek het better begin doen en my juffrou is oulik en help my baie. Hulle is vriendelik en groet altyd.